Friday, April 27, 2012

Hi guys!

Sorry I havent posted in long! Im in school right now so im super busy! like crazy busy! I have been able to squeeze in swapping over at MUA: MAKEUPALLEY! its awesome! So far Ive been able to swap with 2 beautiful awesome ladies! =) I should be receiving :China Glaze:Papaya Punch, Essie: Dive Bar, and Maybelline Fierce and Tangy tattoo eyeshadow!!!

Then a wickedly awesome lady from the UK offered to find me HTF polishes in the UK in exchange for sending her items she cannot get in the UK! Pretty stoked because she was able to get me the Twins collection by Essence. Well she was able to find BELLA and CHUCK! Im so excited IVe been wanting those!!!! She looked everywhere for me! I cant wait to have them in on my tips!

Now on to the NOTD! So lately Ive been into blue. Ive been telling myself that I dont want blue but must have blue! I hauled the other day so a review on that coming up but last week I went to Sephora and got Nails Inc: Baker St! Its an unbelievably beautiful cobalt blue! It truly compliments my skin! Im in love with my nails! You can find Nails Inc at and at the stores. Sephora now has a new format where you can check to see if they have the item at the stores which is awesome because saves you time from hoping back and forth from store to store

Here it is!

Baker St

Today's soundtrack is *Where's My Mind? by the Pixies*


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