Sunday, November 3, 2013

OMG Nail Strips!-Sample Review

Hello Everyone!

im back! I received this sample to demo Nail Strips! Awesome timing since ive always wanted to try nail strips but didnt want to shell out $8.00-$20.00. I mean $8.00 isnt that much but its not the same as bottle that cost about the same for a one time use, you know? So when i was contacted to sample these, i didnt even think twice about it! haha I received the sample back in July but I was traveling most of the summer and my nails were growing out from an acrylic full set. My nails are still healing ......

These nails strips are by OMG Nail Strips. They have 50 different strip designs to choose from! seriously tho wished i could've sampled more! I ended up choosing "Lollipop".. They cost $6.89 and offer FREE SHIPPING!

Okay now onto the nail strips. I followed the directions . Its about 1:48ish minutes long. Below ill show you the steps.

The final look!

How i got there?:

cleaned off my any polish i had 

soaked my fingers for about 5 min to soften my cuticles then moisturized my hands

pushed my cuties back to allow more room and more polished nail

cleaned off my nail bed with NPR of any lotion or oils

 once all my stickers where on, i applied NPR over the nail lightly to seal and melt the stickers on the nail bed. i waited for a few minutes. Once the nails dried, I applied my go to TC by Cult Nails-Wicked Fast. Its my must have.

And there you have it!


They claim to have to last up to 10 days. I will have to follow up with you all on that. They were most definitely easy and quick to apply. They are my first nail strips, so im not sure how long other brands do in application time.

Will i buy these? YES! they are absolutely fun and wild. Pricing is affordable at $6.89 & free shipping.

TA-DA!!!!! OMG Nail Strips!!!!

Asta luego! XOXO

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