Monday, March 12, 2012

On the Fly!

Hello my beautiful readers and blog watchers!

So sorry i havent been posting as often as Id like. Im really busy this semester, well busy according to my time management skills. lols. So I must make this blog short. =(

I did a manicure in O.P.I from Nicki Minaj's collection-"FLY". I seriously couldnt wait to put this polish on! i put it on 30 mins before i had to be at work so excuse the messyness.  So my thoughts on this polish is that its a good formula. I dont have this kind of teal-blue polish. It really is such a pretty color! The formula is pretty good. Not too thick or too runny. I did 2 thin coats which made the polish look more sheer than Id like. I was attemtpting to go for the opaque look. From all the other reviews ive read about, 2 coats was what it needed to be opaque. Well ill try it next time!

Base Coat:O.P.I Nail Envy
2 Middle Coat:  C-"FLY"
Top Coat: O.P.I Rapid Dry Top Coat

Love my Smart Water! 

Till next time my dears! I will be participating in Pink Wednesdays this week! Im going to do "Too Hot To Hold 'Em" from the Texas collection and "I Juggle Men" from Femme De Cirque collection. I Juggle men is one of my favorite sparkly's!


  1. I have a question Lacquer Snob...

    How do I deal with my unruly cuticles? They overtake half of my nail, but whenever I try to push them back, trim, or cut them, they just peal and bleed. I just want to be able to see my entire nail!


    p.s. i love this blog. very very cute.

  2. Hi there Nimble-Jack! Welcome to my blog! your my first follower! hooray!

    You pose a very good question! Well it depends do you push them when they are dry? or do you soak them in warm water?

    My regime: i use Essie's Disappearing Trick Cuticle remover about once a week. So I apply this on my cuticle prior to soaking my fingers in lukewarm water. I apply then i put my nails in the bowl.Preferably on the hotter side. I soak until the water gets cooler.

    Also your nutrition has a lot do with your nails health as well? Are you taking a multivitamin? What are you using to push them back?

    I hope this has helped in someway! thanks for stopping by!


  3. I guess the last couple times I tried it, I didn't soak them first, but I have the same problem when I go get them done at a nail salon. They usually end up peeling worse if I go to the salon even after they've been soaked and oiled. So idk what to do... Meerdums said I shouldn't get them cut because thats what makes them peel, but they're peeling now and I haven't even pushed them back! They just have a mind of their own!

    I do take prenatal vitamins which makes my nails grow really fast and strong, but unfortunately it also makes the cuticles grow fast and strong too lol! oh and I usually use a wooden tool to push them back because they're a little bit softer than the metal tools.

  4. Hey there so I found a great article on stubborn cuticles! Take a read at it. She talks about doing a weekly routine in your case maybe 3x a week where you soak for about 15 mins in warm water and olive oil. She also talk about a great DIY cuticle scrub..

    I also massage cuticle oil every night before bed.