Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pretty Little Liars inspirations

so im posting my pretty little liars inspiration. I attempted this and it came out okay. It was my first time working with Konad stamping. Here's a pic of what i tried imitating.

from blanketprint nails

now here are mine: dun dun dun!!!!

le Nail Station

products used. L2R
Cuccio:Milk and Honey Cuticle oil
OPI: Black Onyx
OPI:A Roll in the Hague
China Glaze: Classic Camel
Jessica: Brilliance (High Gloss)
Essie:Good To Go

This orange sure bleeds..

Roll in the Hague's is more true here..its a kinda of a creme tangerine 

 They didnt come out quite exactly like BlanketPrint Nails but kinda close Id say. I really had fun doing these! theyre by far my fav manicure. Cant wait to master this look!

More pics of my nails on vacay but momma's gotta rest now. 



  1. I'm so flattered my mani inspired you! I love your variation, too!! Which stamping plate did you use?

  2. <3 Aww Thanks! I used plate: M78. I really liked your freehand style, i finally got my nail brushes today! so hopefully next round my nails can be a great success!